Carollynn (punkartist25) wrote in random_sugar,

im a random banana

Name: carollynn
Age/Birthday: 14 >June 25 1990
Location: hawthorne, ny
Do you have a BF/GF? yes
If so, how long? 4ish months
Any Hobbies? drawing

Past time? drawing, reading, talking to my friends
Place? carribian!!
Food? pizza and ice cream
Book? idk
TV show? charmed, smallville
Movie? lord of the rings
Random Word? weird (wead)
Actress/Actor? colin farrel

Random Oppinion Questions
Highschool Sex? maybe
Mod (lost_thought_13)
Adoption? if i cnt have a child of my own i wuld
Abortion? only if its a great burden to the mother like if they r young from rape or somthing
Democrats? i hate politics
Republicans? i hate politics
Goldfish? i like the food nd the fish r pretty
This community? iv been in it b4
My sister/brother communities (if any)? mine

and finally...
Will you be an active randomizer? hopefully
Where did you hear about random_sugar? sam
Why do you want to be in this community? cuz i got nothing better to do
Picture: i dont hav one to put it so ill use my icon thing
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Since Carollynn was previously a member, and there was a little problem with the member page thing, there will be no voting her in because she is already in.